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Article written byGiovanni Cianferoni

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Bocelli Family Wines: Passion for the excellences of nature since 1831

Long before Andrea Bocelli was famous for music, his family was known for making wine.

For almost 200 years, the Bocelli’s have crafted classic Italian wines on their small single estate. Beginning in the 18th century, they were mere sharecroppers on the property of the noble Corsini family. On March 21, 1831, however, Gaspero Bocelli used all his savings to liberate himself and became a landowner. Acquiring the small Poggioncino parcel for the sum of 1000 scudi, he began growing Sangiovese.

7 generations later, Alberto and Andrea Bocelli have revolutionized the cellar, transforming their family farm into a world-class winery that blends the past and present. Needless to say, the two brothers have embarked on various other paths over the years. Alberto earned his degree in architecture, and Andrea studied in law prior to his career as a world-renowned tenor. Over time, however, the estate has remained a center of gravity for both and, Renaissance men to the core, they have struck upon the perfect balance of art and science with their creations.

In the past, the family wasn’t not only dedicated to wine but was also active in growing wheat and raising cattle. Today, while Andrea performs on international stages, Alberto oversees the management of the winery with assistance from his son Alessio. They offer nine wines, including best-sellers like Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Pinot Grigio. In 2015, their Sangiovese scored an impressive 90 points in industry ratings.

"Mamma Bocelli" still enjoys working in the fields, carefully hand-tying vines. Sister-in-law Cinzia and brother Alberto manage the azienda, and receive guests that stop by to say hello – it is a true family affair.

One thing that Andrea, Alberto, and their family love to do, it is to share their special brand of Italian culture with friends around the world. Whether it is the music of "La Boheme," or the wine of la dolce vita, they understand the art of living well.

All of the wines are personally produced and selected by Alberto and Andrea Bocelli and their partners, and are of exceptional quality and provenance. From estate-grown, single cru wines with just a few hundred cases made, to their immensely pleasing partner-grown selections, Bocelli Family Wines combines three of Andrea and Alberto's favorite things in life: music, wine, and la famiglia.

Bocelli Rosso Toscana Sangiovese is one of the most representative wines of the Bocelli cellars.


“Though I like all good wine, the one that stands out for me is Sangiovese”

Andrea Bocelli's favorite wine