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Article written byGiovanni Cianferoni

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Giuliano Mazzuoli: Italian designer and inventor of luxury watches and pens

His most iconic watch design is the Manometro, which has become a symbol of high-end Italian watchmaking.

If you are a luxury watch lover then you must have heard about Giuliano Mazzuoli Watches. Giuliano Mazzuoli is a popular brand that produces watches inspired by automotive designs such as gears, gauges. The perfect blend of innovative technology and essential styling, Giuliano Mazzuoli watches are among the finest watches in the world. The artisanal company in Sambuca was set up by the one and the only Giuliano Mazzuoli. Whether it is a complex transmission system, a sporty tachometer, the designer has demonstrated to master the skill of directing automotive rudiments into the watch design.

Introduced by the Italian designer, Giuliano Mazzuoli, these timepieces are simply a work of art. His true artistic approach can be seen in every timepiece he designs. Mazzuoli was actually not a watchmaker, but a designer. He designs watches based on things that inspire him. His designed watch Carrara is the first collection; however, it was not inspired by anything automotive. His Manometro however, was enthused by a car tire pressure gauge.

Because of its unique design, Manometro became popular. It looks exactly like a pressure gauge. It has large dimensions, incredible legibility, and an insistent design. It’s powered by the most reliable workhorse of the industry, ETA 2824-2 that makes it a big hit.

As the biggest fans of Alfa Romeo, a luxury car brand, Mazzuoli designed the watch inspired by them. His designed watch Contagiri was indeed not a licensed product but instead a homage. He took the inspiration from an Alfa Romeo engine and the tachymeter instrumentation found in the dashboard of the automobile. Giuliano Mazzuoli introduced this edition in 2010 at a car meet in Florence he organized. For him, it is a symbol of sporting performance.

Today, Giuliano Mazzuoli is among the most popular luxury brands across the world.

I met Giuliano at his factory in the Chianti region of Tuscany where he produces his collection of pens and designs the watches. The enchanting landscape that surrounds him was certainly a source of inspiration for his magnificent products.

That person he was referring to is Paul Newman, another man renowned for his passion for cars and racing. Mazzuoli got to meet Newman, and to give Newman his dream watch. Paul Newman wanted to auction the watch for his foundation: Hole in the Wall Camps. Giuliano Mazzuoli went a step further and provided 25 watches for auction.

Hole in the Wall Camps provides children with serious illnesses a medically safe but at the same time a magical environment of fun and adventure away from the realities of hospital beds and doctors’ offices they are often so used to. These camps are the work of Paul Newman, and they are also made possible by thousands of volunteers and generous donors.

Manometro, the most iconic watch design has become a symbol of high-end Italian watchmaking.


“When I received the first prototype of ‘Contagiri’ I felt a strong desire to show it to someone that I have always admired and that like me, really loves auto racing.”

How Mazzuoli describes the moment he received the first prototype of the Contagiri watch